Establishing your Corporate Identity with Bertec Graphix Printing Services

Establishing your Corporate Identity with Bertec Graphix Printing Services

Who you are, what you look like, what you believe, what makes you, YOU – the answers to these questions are considered part of our individual identity. Corporate identity follows the same train of thought: who are we as a brand, what are our core values, what does our image convey, what makes us unique? Your corporate identity is a visual experience that sets your company apart from the competition. It is what makes people choose your product or service over the next guy.

Here are some pointers to develop a cohesive corporate brand identity:

Logo: This is the face of your brand, your first impression. Your logo should be simple, easily recognizable, scalable (it should be enlarged and shrunken down with no warping or distortion), and should clearly communicate your brand’s message.

Colour: Colour is a powerful tool that can invoke and influence emotion. Choosing the right colours can also make your brand more memorable, but the colour spectrum is infinite. Blue isn’t just blue to a designer, so find samples or look up the Pantone name/number so that you can have the exact colour printed each time.

Typography: Typography is a great way to define the personality of your brand. For example, iconic brands like Coca-Cola, FedEx and Ray-Ban, have logos that are only composed of text. It’s simple. When selecting a font for your own brand, it should complement, not compete with your imagery.

Imagery: Images have a style, same as text and colours, and so they should be chosen according to a specific set of guidelines. Imagery is the glue that ties your words, concepts, and ideas together to tell your brand’s story.

With 20 years in the industry, we know what we’re doing when it comes to establishing a corporate identity. At Bertec Graphix, we provide a range of printing services – business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and stationery to communicate your brand’s message across media. Our team of in-house and associate designers will work with you and your brand to ensure that we can accurately capture and express your corporate identity.

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